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GCN Circular 15388

Swift Trigger 575905/possible GRB 131026A: Swift-XRT observations
2013-10-26T17:18:25Z (10 years ago)
Valerio D'Elia at ASDC <>
L. Izzo (URoma/ICRA), V. D'Elia (ASDC), P. D'Avanzo, A. Melandri  
(INAF-OAB), A. Maselli (INAF-IASFPA) report:

We have analysed 8.93 ks of XRT data for Swift Trigger 575905 (Cenko  
et al. GCN Circ. 15384). Two sources were detected at SNR>4, inside a  
region of 3 arcmin from the BAT position at the following coordinates:

Source 1 - (1RXS J010222.4+323020)
RA,Dec = 01h 02m 22.8s, +32� 30' 02.7"

Source 2
RA,Dec = 01h 02m 02.6s, +32� 30' 00.9",

with an uncertainty of 4.1" and 4.6", respectively.

Source 1 matches a catalogued X-ray source (1RXS J010222.4+323020 of  
the ROSAT/RASSFSC table is 18" away), while source 2 is an  
uncatalogued source, but below the RASS limit.

We can not say at the present time whether source 2 is fading. The  
count rate at the position of Source 2 is (4.3 +/- 1.0) x 10^-3 cts/s.  
This corresponds to an observed 0.3-10 keV flux of 1.54 x 10^-13  
erg/cm2/s (assuming a typical GRB spectrum with photon spectral index  
of 2). If we consider the Galactic absorption in this direction (5.1 x  
10^20 cm^-2; Kalberla et al. 2005) this corresponds to an unabsorbed  
flux of 1.78 x 10^-13 erg/cm2/s.

The results of the XRT-team automatic analysis are available at:

This circular is an official product of the Swift-XRT team.

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