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GCN Circular 15403

GRB 131030A: Watcher OT detection
2013-10-30T21:54:06Z (11 years ago)
Petr Kubanek at AIO <>
Petr Kub��nek (Porsche Engineering Services s.r.o. & Institute of
Physics, Czech Republic), Martin Topinka, Lorraine Hanhol, Seamus Meehan
(UCD, Ireland) reports on behalf of wider collaboration:

Watcher telescope at Boyden Observatory, South Africa, running RTS2
observatory control system, started automatic observation of GRB 131030A
(GCN 15402, E.Troja at 20:57:24.070 UT. On image acquired on
20:58:49.830 UT, e.g. 171s post GRB, we clearly identify optical
counterpart mentioned at the above GCN.

Futher observations, as well as analysis, are ongoing.
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