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GCN Circular 1541

Confirmation of IPN error box for GRB020910
2002-09-12T18:12:15Z (22 years ago)
Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL <>
K. Hurley and T. Cline, on behalf of the Ulysses, Konus, and Mars Odyssey GRB teams,

D. M. Smith, R. P. Lin, J. McTiernan, R. Schwartz, C. Wigger, W. 
Hajdas, and A. Zehnder, on behalf of the RHESSI GRB team,

E. Mazets and S. Golenetskii, on behalf of the Konus-Wind GRB team,

I. Mitrofanov, D. Anfimov, A. Kozyrev, M. Litvak and A. Sanin,
on behalf of the HEND/Odyssey GRB team, and

W. Boynton, C. Fellows, K. Harshman, C. Shinohara and R. Starr,
on behalf of the GRS/Odyssey GRB team, report:

We have obtained RHESSI data for this event, which confirm that the
error box given in GCN 1540 is indeed the correct one:

    RA(2000)                              DEC(2000)
 ERROR BOX CENTER:  13 h 56 m 0.57 s    -44 o 43 '  36.34 " 
 ERROR BOX CORNER 1: 13 h 56 m 18.65 s    -44 o 40 '  14.68 " 
 ERROR BOX CORNER 2: 13 h 55 m  0.25 s    -44 o 47 '  55.19 " 
 ERROR BOX CORNER 3: 13 h 57 m  0.56 s    -44 o 39 '  16.57 " 
 ERROR BOX CORNER 4: 13 h 55 m 42.43 s    -44 o 46 '  57.92 "
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