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GCN Circular 15466

IPN triangulation of GRB 131108A
2013-11-08T22:58:31Z (11 years ago)
Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL <>
K. Hurley and J. Goldsten, on behalf of the MESSENGER NS GRB team,

S. Golenetskii, R. Aptekar, V. Pal'shin, D. Frederiks, 
D. Svinkin, and T. Cline on behalf of the Konus-Wind team, and

A. von Kienlin, X. Zhang, A. Rau, V. Savchenko, E. Bozzo, and C.
Ferrigno, on behalf of the INTEGRAL SPI-ACS GRB team,


GRB 131108A (GCN 15464) has been observed by MESSENGER and INTEGRAL
(SPI-ACS) so far.  We have triangulated it to a preliminary annulus
centered at RA(2000)=211.006 degrees, Dec(2000)=-10.955 degrees, with
radius 57.980 +/- 0.055 degrees (3 sigma).  This annulus intersects the
LAT error circle, reducing its area by about a factor of 7, and forming
an error box whose area is approximately 390 sq. arcmin., and whose
corners are

          RA(2000)                      Dec(2000)
     156.363 o=10 h 25 m 27 s       9.411 o=  9 o 24 ' 40 "
     156.702 o=10 h 26 m 48 s      10.345 o= 10 o 20 ' 42 "
     156.477 o=10 h 25 m 54 s       9.400 o=  9 o 24 ' 00 "
     156.797 o=10 h 27 m 11 s      10.283 o= 10 o 16 ' 57 "

A map has been posted at  This error box can be improved.
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