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GCN Circular 15543

GRB 131127B: Bassano Bresciano Observatory optical observations
2013-11-29T09:49:11Z (11 years ago)
Ulisse Quadri at Bassano Bresciano Obs <>
U.Quadri, L.Strabla and R.Girelli report:

We imaged the fields of GRB 131127B 
(von Kienlin, GCN 15528; Singer & Kasliwal, 
GCN 15524; Golenetskii et al., GCN 15530) with the robotic 			
telescope of (IAU station 565) Bassano Bresciano 
Observatory, Italy (

The observations started 27h 55m. after the 			
Fermi-GBM trigger (Fermi407254341) , with our 
schmidt telescope D=320/400 mm F/D=3.1.

Weather conditions were good. 				

We co-added 3 series of 5 unfiltered exposures 
of 120 sec each.						

We detected the candidate couterpart of iPTFecv 
(Singer et al, GCN 15524) at the following 
position (+/- 1 arcsec):

RA (J2000.0) =  20h 31m 47.79s 
DEC(J2000.0) = +00d 59m 22.8s

The results of our photometry are:

    Date UT          Exp    R-mag     
    Middle           (s)   (rough)

2013 11 28.75862     600    18.84 +/- 0.2
2013 11 28.76579     600    18.85 +/- 0.2
2013 11 28.77297     600    19.08 +/- 0.3

Magnitudes were estimated with the USNO-B1 cat. 
and are not corrected for galactic dust extinction.

The images are available at:

The message may be cited.
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