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GCN Circular 15707

GRB 140108A: theoretical prediction of redshift and of supernova occurrence
2014-01-09T11:47:54Z (10 years ago)
Remo Rufinni at ICRA <>
R. Ruffini, C.L. Bianco, M. Enderli, M. Kovacevic, M. Muccino, A.V.
Penacchioni, G.B. Pisani, J.A. Rueda, Y. Wang report:

The late Swift/XRT observations of GRB 140108A (1,2) evidences the
fullfillment of the IGC paradigm (3,4). A preliminary overlapping of
its X-ray (0.3-10 keV in rest-frame) luminosity with the one of GRB
090618, namely an IGC prototype (5), gives an estimate of the redshift
of z=0.6 (+/- 0.1) (see Fig. 1

As a consequence, a supernova associated to GRB 140108A is expected to
emerge after 16 (+/- 3) days after the trigger.

Given the spectral parameters of the prompt emission by Swift/BAT
(<>), this redshift
estimation leads to an isotropic energy of E_iso ~ 4x10^52 erg.

Continuous monitoring and complementary observations in all possible
wavelengths are encouraged.

(1) Racusin et al., GCN 15699
(2) D'Avanzo et al., GCN 15706
(3) Rueda & R. Ruffini, ApJLett, 758, L7 (2012)
(4) Pisani et al., A&A, 552, L5 (2013)
(5) Izzo et al., A&A, 548, L5 (2012)
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