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GCN Circular 1581

GRB 021004: optical counterpart
2002-10-05T16:08:46Z (22 years ago)
T.P. Prabhu at Indian Astro. Obs. <>
D.K. Sahu, B.C. Bhatt, T.P. Prabhu (Indian Institute of Astrophysics,
Bangalore) report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We have observed the optical afterglow of GRB021004 with the 2-m Himalayan
Chandra Telescope, Indian Astronomical Observatory, Hanle. Preliminary
magnitude estimates in R band using the USNO star (GCN #1564) with R=15.3

October 4	R

16:41 UT	17.11
22:47 UT	18.26

[GCN OPS NOTE (05oct02):  This submission was received at 05:30 05 Oct 02 UT,
but was delayed in distribution due to the lack of an entry in the vetting
list.  A new entry was added and the submission manually invoked.]
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