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GCN Circular 16077

GRB 140402A: Swift/UVOT Upper Limits
2014-04-03T21:19:39Z (10 years ago)
Alice Breeveld at MSSL-UCL <>
A. A. Breeveld (UCL-MSSL) and C. Pagani (U. Leicester)
report on behalf of the Swift/UVOT team:

The Swift/UVOT took exposures at both the pointings for GRB140402A 
described in Pagani et al., GCN Circ. 16075. No optical afterglow 
consistent with the BAT position given by Cummings (GCN Circ. 16081) is 
detected in the UVOT exposures.
Preliminary 3-sigma upper limits using the UVOT photometric system
(Breeveld et al. 2011, AIP Conf. Proc. 1358, 373) are:

Filter         T_start(s)   T_stop(s)      Exp(s)         Mag

white            57023        57665         632          >21.5
u                56375        61574         649          >20.5
v                57672        58344         659          >19.8

The magnitudes in the table are not corrected for the Galactic 
extinction due to the reddening of E(B-V) = 0.03 in the direction of the 
burst (Schlegel et al. 1998).
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