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GCN Circular 16296

GRB 140516A: Subaru NIR imaging observations
2014-05-18T03:49:48Z (10 years ago)
Nobuyuki Kawai at Tokyo Tech <>
Y. Minowa, T.-S. Pyo, J.-H. Kim (Subaru, NAOJ)
and N. Kawai (Tokyo Tech) report on behalf of the Subaru GRB team:

We observed the field of the short GRB 140516A (Bernardini et al.,
GCN 16285) using IRCS+AO188 on the 8.2 m Subaru telescope, 
starting from 06:56 on May 17, 2014 UTC (about 10.4 hrs from the 
burst). We obtained the Kp-band images in 52 mas/pixel mode 
without AO correction for a total exposure time of 5880 sec under 
0".7 seeing condition. We do not detect any source within the 
error circle reported by Osborne et al. (GCN 16289). We obtained 
the 3-sigma limit on the near-infrared afterglow of GRB 140516A 
of Kp>22.2 mag (Vega) at 10.4-12.7 hrs after the burst.
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