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GCN Circular 1644

GRB021016, optical observations
2002-10-18T17:32:05Z (21 years ago)
Arne A. Henden at USNO/USRA <>
D. T. Durig, E. W. Shroyer, P. P. Shukla (Cordell-Lorenz)
and D. West (West Skies) report on behalf of the
AAVSO International GRB network:

We have observed the entire error box for GRB021016
(Hurley et al. GCN 1639; Graziani et al. GCN 1641)
on two nights.  Comparing against the DSS and USNO-A2.0,
no new object is seen inside the error box.  The
FITS images are available through the AAVSO.  CV
indicates unfiltered (clear), V-band zeropoint; CR
indicates unfiltered (clear), R-band zeropoint.

     UTD    start  exposure filt  telescope  lim_mag
    021017  01:44  45secx32  CV  0.20m West   18.5
    021017  03:18  300secx3  CR  0.30m Durig  19.5
    021018  03:30  300secx3  CR  0.30m Durig  20.0
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