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GCN Circular 16595

GRB 140709A: Possible AMI 15 GHz detection
2014-07-16T17:37:37Z (10 years ago)
Gemma Anderson at U of Oxford <>
G. E. Anderson, R. P. Fender, T. D. Staley (University of Oxford),
A. J. van der Horst (University of Amsterdam), A. Rowlinson (CASS)
and C. Rumsey (MRAO)

We observed the position of GRB 140709A (GCN 16546) at 15 GHz with
the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager (AMI-LA) starting on 2014 July 11.93 to
12.10 UT, corresponding to 2.88 days post-burst. We have detected a
possible radio counterpart consistent with the UVOT-enhanced XRT position
(GCN 16548) with a preliminary flux of 0.35 +/- 0.06 mJy. However, this
source is blended with the nearby NVSS source 201841+511349 lying
at an angular distance of 27.5 arcseconds. The angular resolution of AMI
is ~30 arcseconds. The flux was calculated by first subtracting the contribution
from the NVSS source.
Earlier AMI observations an 2014 July 9.05 to 9.14 UT and July 10.04 to 10.2,
corresponding to <5 minutes and 1 day post-burst, did not detect a radio source
at the position of the GRB with 3 sigma upper limits of 0.30 and 0.21 mJy, respectively.
Further AMI monitoring is planned. We thank the AMI staff for scheduling these observations.
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