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GCN Circular 16596

GRB 140716A found in ground analysis of Swift-BAT data
2014-07-16T18:14:06Z (10 years ago)
Jay R. Cummings at NASA/GSFC/Swift <>
J. R. Cummings reports on behalf of the Swift science team:

At2014-07-16T10:27:57.3 Swift-BAT rate-triggered on the first episode of GRB 140716.

A sub-threshold peak in the image was found for trigger # 604792 at
RA, Dec 108.146,-60.130.

At 2014-07-16T10:29:26.4, BAT triggered on a second episode. A sub-threshold peak in
the image for trigger # 604793 was found at RA, Dec 108.175,-60.153.

A combined image shows a bright peak at RA, Dec 108.133 -60.150, which is

RA (J2000)    07h 12m 31.9s
Dec (J2000)  -60d 08' 59"

with an estimated 90% confidence radius of 1.5 arcmin.  This is consistent with
the Fermi GBM position for trigger 427199280 reported at

The burst had three main episodes, the first 2 seconds long, the second 4 seconds long
at T+90, and the third 6 seconds long at T+100.

A Swift TOO request has been submitted.
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