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GCN Circular 1672

Spectropolarimetry of GRB021004
2002-11-04T18:19:29Z (22 years ago)
Lifan Wang at LBL <>
Lifan Wang (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), 
Dietrich Baade(European Southern Observatory), 
Peter Hoeflich, and J. Craig Wheeler (University of Texas, Austin) report: 
"Spectropolarimetry of GRB021004 was obtained on Oct. 05 using the ESO-VLT
with FORS1. The spectral coverage is from 350 to 860 nm. Preliminary
reduction shows that the synthesized V-band polarimetry is consistent 
with that reported by Covino et al. (GCN 1595) and Rol et al. (GCN1596). 
The data are suggestive of polarization changes across 
the Lyman-alpha absorption features at 401 and 404 nm, and increasing 
degree of polarization blueward of 400 nm. "
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