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GCN Circular 16743

GRB 140824B: Fermi GBM Detection
2014-08-25T16:46:21Z (10 years ago)
Binbin Zhang at UAH <>
Bin-Bin Zhang (UAH) reports on behalf of the Fermi GBM Team:

"At 14:33:12.04 ��UT on the 24th of August 2014, the Fermi Gamma-Ray Burst
Monitor triggered and located GRB 140824B (trigger 430583595 / 140824606),��
which has been followed up by MASTER II robotic telescope (Tyurina et al.��
GCNs 16740, 16741). The GBM on-ground location is consistent with the Fermi��
flight software position.

The angle from the Fermi LAT boresight is 79 degrees.

The GBM light curve consists of three main peaks with a total duration (T90)��
of about 109 s (50-300 keV). The time-averaged spectrum from T0+3 s to T0+112 s��
is well fit by Band function parameterized as Ep=186+/-20 keV, alpha=-0.9+/-0.1
and beta=-2.5+/-0.5.

The event fluence (10-1000 keV) in this time interval is
(1.5+/-0.1)E-05 erg/cm^2. The 1.024-sec peak photon flux measured
starting from T0+111 s in the 10-1000 keV band is ��6.9+/-0.3 ph/s/cm^2.

The spectral analysis results presented above are preliminary;
final results will be published in the GBM GRB Catalog."
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