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GCN Circular 1680

IPN triangulation of GRB021109 (annulus)
2002-11-10T18:30:41Z (22 years ago)
Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL <>
K. Hurley, on behalf of the Ulysses GRB team,

D. M. Smith, R. P. Lin, J. McTiernan, R. Schwartz, C. Wigger, W.
Hajdas, and A. Zehnder, on behalf of the RHESSI GRB team,

E. Mazets and S. Golenetskii, on behalf of the Konus-Wind GRB team, and

T. Cline, on behalf of the Ulysses and Konus GRB teams, report:

Ulysses, RHESSI, and Konus-Wind observed this GRB at 31368 seconds.  As
observed by Ulysses, it had a duration of approximately 30 seconds, a
25-100 keV fluence of approximately  8.5E-07 erg/cm2, and a peak flux
of approximately  4.4E-07 erg/cm2 s over 0.25 seconds.

We have triangulated it to a preliminary annulus centered  at RA,
Decl(2000)=0.654 -35.254 degrees, whose radius is 81.705 +/-  0.108
degrees (3 sigma ).

This annulus may be constrained and/or improved.

As the Mars Odyssey spacecraft was in safe mode, with all instruments
off, a small error box cannot be derived for it.
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