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GCN Circular 16856

GRB140928A: Gemini-South observation
2014-09-30T17:27:54Z (10 years ago)
Antonino Cucchiara at NASA/GSFC <>
A. Cucchiara, S. B. Cenko (NASA-GSFC), D.A.Perley (Caltech), report 
on behalf of a larger collaboration:

"On September 30.18 UT (1.75 days after the burst) we observed the field 
of the Fermi/LAT GRB 140928A (Desiante et al. GCN 16847, Varela et al. 
GCN 16849) with the Gemini-South telescope equipped with the GMOS 
spectrograph. We obtain 2x1200s exposure under non optimal conditions 
(1.5-2 arcseconds seeing) with the R400 grating, covering the 6000-10000 
Angstrom wavelength range.

We detect a featureless continuum down to 6000A, no features are 
detected neither in emission nor in absorption.

We thank Cristiano Guidorzi for providing a finding chart and the Gemini 
staff for carry out this observations."
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