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GCN Circular 1694

GRB021113: Kiso Observations
2002-11-15T08:13:45Z (22 years ago)
Yuji Urata at RIKEN <>
M. Ishiguro, M. Abe, Y. Sarugaku (ISAS)
W. Tanaka, S. Nishiura, H. Mito, Y. Urata on behalf of the KISO GRB Team:

"We have observed the entire HETE-2 error box of GRB021113
(A. Yoshida et al., GCN1686) with the KISO observatory 1.05m schmidt
telescope starting at Nov 13.607 UT.

 Our data;
 Date  Time (UT)     Exposure   Limiting mag.(R, SN=3)
 11-13 14:34:37      300 s         19.8
 11-13 16:02:34      300 s x 2     20.3

# Limiting magnitude was estimated by comparison with
# U1275_00933819 01:34:13.836 +40:30:31.62  17.6mag .

Comparison with DSS II red images, no new object was detected down to
the limiting magnitude."
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