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GCN Circular 17582

GRB 150314A: NOT optical observations
2015-03-14T22:13:53Z (9 years ago)
Dong Xu at DARK/NBI <>
D. Xu (DARK/NBI), A. de Ugarte Postigo (IAA-CSIC, DARK/NBI), S. Geier
(GTC/IAC), K. E. Heintz, J. P. U. Fynbo, D. Malesani (DARK/NBI), P.
Jakobsson (U. Iceland) report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We observed the field of GRB 150314A (Hagen et al., GCN 17573) using
the 2.56m Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT) equipped with the ALFOSC
camera. We obtained 3x300 s R-band images with a median time of
20:48:36 UT on 2015-03-14, i.e., 15.89 hr after the burst, and in a
seeing of ~0.9".

The optical afterglow (Zheng & Filippenko, GCN 17574; Trotter et al.,
GCN 17577) is clearly detected in our stacked image, with m(R)=22.7
+/- 0.3 mag, calibrated with USNO B1 catalog. The object is a bit
extended in the northwest-southeast direction, indicating that the
host galaxy might be emerging at the observational time.
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