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GCN Circular 17643

GRB 150323B; Konkoly optical observations
2015-03-25T20:49:43Z (9 years ago)
Janos Kelemen at Konkoly Obs/Hungary <>
J. Kelemen (kelemen at on behalf of the GRB OT observing program
at the Konkoly Observatory.

Starting on the night 24/03/2015 02:48 UT we observed the field GRB 150323B
(J. R. Cummings GCN 17619 ). We imaged the X-ray positions published by P.
D'Avanzo et al. GCN 17634.
 On the coadded R band images (total exposure = 1500 sec) we found marginal
optical sources on the positions coincide with soure 1 and source 2.

Source 1  /GCN 17634/         our work        R mag.(Based on USNO-B1.0 stars)
        RA: 17:21:48.83    RA: 17:21:48.62       20.8 +/-0.14
       DEC: 38:19:04.6    DEC: 38:19:08.8

Source 2  /GCN 17634/         our work        R mag.(Based on USNO-B1.0 stars)
        RA: 17:21:50.35    RA: 17:21:50.47       19.9 +/-0.14
       DEC: 38:16:58.5    DEC: 38:16:59.7

Due to the bad weather variability was not confirmed.
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