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GCN Circular 17741

GRB 150423A: UKIRT NIR observations
2015-04-24T02:53:39Z (9 years ago)
Wen-fai Fong at U of Arizona <>
W. Fong and P. Milne (University of Arizona) report on behalf of a larger

"We observed the field of the Swift short-duration GRB 150423A (Pagani et
al., GCN 17728) with UFTI mounted on the 3.8-m United Kingdom Infrared
Telescope (UKIRT) on Mauna Kea beginning on 2015 April 23.337 UT, at an
average airmass of 1.1 in 0.55" seeing. We obtained 6600 sec of J-band
imaging at a mid-time of 2.72 hr post-burst, and 6300 sec of K-band imaging
at a mid-time of 4.93 hr post-burst. The afterglow (Source 1; Varela et
al., GCN 17732; Perley, GCN 17733; Littlejohns et al., GCN 17736; Kann et
al., GCN 17738) is weakly detected in both the J- and K-bands. We cannot
establish fading over the course of our observations due to the weak
detection of the source. We note that Source 2 (Varela et al., GCN 17732)
is only detected in K-band.

Further observations are planned."
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