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GCN Circular 17797

GRB 150413A: AMI 15 GHz confirmation of radio counterpart
2015-05-01T13:08:28Z (9 years ago)
Gemma Anderson at U of Oxford <>
G. E. Anderson, R. P. Fender, T. D. Staley, K. Mooley (University of Oxford),
A. J. van der Horst (George Washington University), A. Rowlinson (CASS)

We re-observed the position of GRB 150413A (Markwardt et al., GCN 17688,
Ivanov et al., GCN 17689) at 15 GHz with the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager
(AMI-LA) following the  possible detection of its radio counterpart reported
in Anderson et al., GCN 17708. This observation took place on 2015 April
15.798 to 15.964 UT, corresponding to 2.2 days post-burst, resulting in a flux
 of 0.20 +/- 0.04 mJy. A follow-up AMI observation on 2015 April 23.947 to
24.114 UT, corresponding to 10.4 days post-burst, did not detection the radio
counterpart with a 3 sigma upper limit of 0.1 mJy. We therefore confirm that
the coincident radio source reported in Anderson et al., GCN 17708 is the
radio counterpart to GRB 150413A.

We thank the AMI staff for scheduling these observations.
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