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GCN Circular 18009

GRB 150710B detected in ground analysis of BAT data
2015-07-11T14:23:08Z (9 years ago)
Jay R. Cummings at NASA/GSFC/Swift <>
J. R. Cummings (CPI), D. M. Palmer (LANL), V. Pal'shin(Ioffe),
and D. Svinkin (Ioffe)

At 08:05:35, the bright GRB 150710B was observed by Swift/BAT during a
preplanned Swiftslew.  It was also seen by KONUS/WIND, and the KW team
notified the BAT team of the event.  In a mosaic of BAT images from photon-
eventdata recorded during the slew, a bright source was found at
RA, Dec 83.195, -46.963,which is:

RA (J2000)05h 32m 46.9s
Dec (J2000) -46d 57' 47"

with an estimated uncertainty of 2 arcmin 90% containment.

The burst had an estimated T90 of about 16 seconds.  There were multiple
bright peaks and an exponential decay.

A Swift TOO has been requested in order to locate the afterglow.
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