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GCN Circular 1815

Distribution of INTEGRAL SPI-ACS triggers for GRB bursts
2003-01-15T17:18:01Z (21 years ago)
The ISDC Shift Team and the INTEGRAL SPI-ACS GRB Team report:

This circular concerns GRBs detected in the  SPI-ACS data . It is
complementary to GCN circular 1813 dealing with GRBs
detected in the field of view of  INTEGRAL.

A new procedure for the distribution of INTEGRAL SPI-ACS triggers has
been decided during the INTEGRAL-IBAS meeting on 2003 Jan, 14:

The automatic alert generation is foreseen to start in the next weeks .
Until then:
- no trigger information will be distributed via the GCN circulars;
- the lightcurves and the spacecraft ephemeris data for all SPI-ACS triggers are
    available at the public ftp area of the ISDC:
- a summary list of SPI-ACS triggers summarizing only those triggers with (probable)
   burst origin can be found at:

A new GCN circular will inform about the procedure after switch on of the automatic
GRB alert generation for the SPI-ACS data.
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