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GCN Circular 18269

GRB 150910A: Nanshan optical observations
2015-09-10T14:50:26Z (8 years ago)
Dong Xu at NAOC/CAS <>
D. Xu (NAOC/CAS), Y. Qin (Geneva Observatory), Y.-D. Hu (IAA-CSIC),
Y.-H. Han (NAOC/CAS, HUST), X. Zhang, A. Esamdin, L. Ma (XAO) report:

We observed the field of GRB 150910A (Pagani et al., GCN 18264) using
the 1m telescope located at Nanshan, Xinjiang, China. We obtained
3x600s R-band frames with some floating clouds in the sky.

The afterglow (Pagani et al., GCN 18264; Zheng & Filippenko, GCN
18265) is detected in each of the frames. Preliminary results are as

Mid Time  Exposure  Mag   MagErr
(hr)            (s)
4.91         600          19.40    0.20
5.14         600          19.55    0.20
5.31         600          19.30    0.20

and calibrated with the nearby SDSS field.
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