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GCN Circular 18395

LIGO/VIRGO G184098 : PESSTO classification of PS15cbm in the northern region
2015-10-05T15:09:22Z (9 years ago)
S. J. Smartt at Queens U Belfast <>
H. Campbell (Cambridge), J. Lyman (Warwick), M. Fraser (Cambridge), J. Anderson (ESO), C. Inserra (QUB), I. Manulis (Weizmann), K. Maguire (QUB), S. J. Smartt (QUB), K. W.
+Smith (QUB), M. Sullivan (Southampton), S. Valenti (LCOGT), O. Yaron (Weizmann), D. Young, D. Wright (QUB), K. Chambers, M. Huber, E. Magnier, H. Flewelling, C. Waters, J.
+Tonry, A. Schultz, N. Primak (IfA, University of Hawaii),  C. Stubbs (Harvard)

Following the Pan-STARSS discovery (Smartt et al, GCN 18394) of candidates
in the G184098 northern error box,  PESSTO, the Public ESO Spectroscopic
Survey for Transient Objects (see Smartt et al. 2015, A&A, 579,
40, reports that PS15cbm is a type Ia supernova a
t z=0.06 at +2-3w past maximum light.

All observations were performed on the ESO New Technology Telescope at
La Silla on the night of 2015-10-03, using EFOSC2 and Grism 13
(3985-9315A, 18A resolution). Classifications were done with SNID (Blondin &
Tonry, 2007, ApJ, 666, 1024). Classification spectra can be obtained
from (via WISeREP).
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