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GCN Circular 1845

GRB030131: Kiso Observations
2003-02-02T10:05:32Z (21 years ago)
Yuji Urata at RIKEN <>
M. Ishiguro (ISAS)
T. Soyano, H. Mito and  Y. Urata on behalf of the Kiso GRB team:

" We have observed the entire INTEGRAL error circle of GRB030131 (Gotz
et al., GCN1838) with Kiso observatory 1.05 m Schmidt telescope. We
obtained two R-band data sets (300 sec x 3 frames), starting at 15:36
UT and 18:45 UT.

 Our data;
 Date  Time (UT)   Exposure  Limiting mag.(R, SN=3)
 01-31 15:36:47    300s x 3  19.7
 01-31 18:45:00    300s x 3  20.0

# Limiting magnitude was estimated by comparison with
# U1200_07092706 13:27:46.834 +30:44:13.42 16.4 mag.

Comparison with DSS II red images, no new object was detected down to
the limiting magnitude. We also could not identify any variable
objects in the region reported by Hurley et al (GCN1841) using a PSF
matched image subtraction method."

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