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GCN Circular 1854

IPN triangulation of GRB030204 (small error box)
2003-02-04T19:34:03Z (21 years ago)
Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL <>
K. Hurley and T. Cline, on behalf of the Ulysses, HETE, and Mars Odyssey
GRB teams,

I. Mitrofanov, D. Anfimov, A. Kozyrev, M. Litvak and A. Sanin, on
behalf of the HEND-Odyssey GRB team,

W. Boynton, C. Fellows, K. Harshman, C. Shinohara and R. Starr, on
behalf of the GRS-Odyssey GRB team,

A. von Kienlin, G. Lichti, and A. Rau, on behalf of the

G. Ricker, J-L Atteia, N. Kawai, D. Lamb, S. Woosley, J. Doty, R.
Vanderspek, J. Villasenor, G. Crew, G. Monnelly, N. Butler, J.G.
Jernigan, A. Levine, F. Martel, E. Morgan, G. Prigozhin, J. Braga, R.
Manchanda, G.  Pizzichini, Y. Shirasaki, C. Graziani, M. Matsuoka, T.
Tamagawa, K. Torii, T. Sakamoto, A. Yoshida, E. Fenimore, M. Galassi,
T. Tavenner, T.  Donaghy, M. Boer, J-F Olive, and J-P Dezalay, on
behalf of the HETE GRB team, report:

Ulysses, Mars Odyssey (HEND & GRS), INTEGRAL (SPI-ACS) and HETE
(FREGATE) observed this burst at 45930 s.  As observed by Ulysses, it
had a duration of approximately 100  seconds, a 25-100 keV fluence of
approximately  2.2E-05 erg/cm2, and a peak flux of approximately
1.1E-06 erg/cm2 s over 0.25 seconds.

We have triangulated it to a preliminary, 3 sigma error box whose
approximate area is 73 sq. arcmin. and whose coordinates are:

    RA(2000)                              DEC(2000)
 ERROR BOX CENTER:   0 h  3 m 20.47 s     32 o 43 '  36.92 " 
 ERROR BOX CORNER 1:  0 h  3 m 30.06 s     32 o 45 '  45.55 " 
 ERROR BOX CORNER 2:  0 h  4 m 26.15 s     32 o 40 '  18.06 " 
 ERROR BOX CORNER 3:  0 h  2 m 14.87 s     32 o 46 '  52.49 " 
 ERROR BOX CORNER 4:  0 h  3 m 10.89 s     32 o 41 '  28.22 " 

This error box may be improved.
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