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GCN Circular 1879

GRB030226: Candidate optical afterglow
2003-02-26T07:36:33Z (21 years ago)
Derek Fox at CIT <>
D.W. Fox (Caltech), H.W. Chen (MIT), and P.A. Price (RSAA/MSSSO)

"We have observed the error circle of GRB030226 (HETE Trigger #10893)
with the Dupont 100" telescope + WFCCD at Las Campanas Observatory for
2x4.5 min in I-band.  We identify a bright, new, stationary object by
reference to the digitized sky survey f- (~R-band) and n-emulsion
(~I-band) images.  The approximate coordinates of the source are:  

    RA 11:33:05.07, Dec +25:53:53.4 (J2000)

with an accuracy of perhaps 2" in each coordinate.  Photometering our
image against the R-band magnitudes of three GSC stars, we find the
source to have an approximate R- (I?) magnitude of 20 at the epoch of
these images, 06:24 UT.

Further observations of this region and analysis of these data are in
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