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GCN Circular 1884

GRB030226: optical observations and refined redshift
2003-02-26T17:22:19Z (21 years ago)
Nobuyuki Kawai at Tokyo Tech <>
M. Ando, K. Ohta, C. Watanabe (Kyoto Univ.),
K. Aoki, Y. Ohyama, K. S. Kawabata, S. Harasawa, D. Scarla (Subaru NAOJ),  
and N. Kawai (Tokyo Tech) report:

We obtained R, I, and z' images of the afterglow of GRB030226(=H10893)
at Feb 26.65 (UT) with FOCAS attached to Subaru 8.2m telescope.  The
R-band magnitude of the OT is derived to be 19.0+-0.2 using four stars
close to the OT in the USNO-A2.0 catalog.

With further analyses of the optical spectra reported in GCN 1882, 
we find the highest redshift for the absorbers to be  z=1.99.

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