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GCN Circular 19290

GRB 160410A: UKIRT near-IR upper limits
2016-04-11T17:24:13Z (8 years ago)
Wen-fai Fong at U of Arizona <>
W. Fong and P. Milne (University of Arizona) report:

"We observed the field of the short-duration GRB 160410A (Gibson et al.,
GCN 19271) with the Wide Field Camera (WFCAM) mounted on the 3.8-m United
Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) on Mauna Kea beginning on 2016 Apr
11.215 UT (25.3 hr post-burst). We obtained observations in the J- and
K-bands in 0.7" seeing. Using the quick-look pipeline ORAC-DR, we do not
detect any near-IR source in or around the positions of the X-ray
(Beardmore et al., GCN 19273) or optical (Yates et al., GCN 19272; Selsing
et al., GCN 19274; Marshall et al., GCN 19275; Trotter et al., GCN 19277)
afterglows. Calibrated to 2MASS, we therefore place 3-sigma limits of
J(AB)>20.0 mag and K(AB)>19.5 mag on the near-IR afterglow of GRB 160410A
at 25.3 hr post-burst. We note that this analysis is preliminary and a
final reduction of the images are expected to be ~1.5 mag deeper.

We thank Sam Benigni for executing these observations. In addition, we
thank Watson Varricatt, Tom Kerr, and Richard Green for their assistance in
re-establishing a system for a target-of-opportunity program at UKIRT."
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