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GCN Circular 19607

SGR 1935+2154: AMI 15 GHz upper limits of the magnetar during outburst
2016-06-28T12:55:20Z (8 years ago)
Kunal Mooley at Oxford U <>
K. P. Mooley, T. D. Staley, R. P. Fender (Oxford), T. Cantwell 
(Manchester), C. Rumsey, D. Titterington, S. H. Carey, J. Hickish, Y. C. 
Perrott, N. Razavi-Ghods, P. Scott (Cambridge), K. Grainge, A. Scaife 

We observed SGR 1935+2154 with the AMI Large Array at 15 GHz at several 
epochs, obtaining the following upper limits (3sigma). This magnetar has 
been in outburst since 14 May 2016, with 39 Fermi/GBM triggers (Younes 
et al., GCN 19598) and at least 7 Swift/BAT triggers (e.g. Barthelmy et 
al., GCN 19590). The AMI-LA robotically triggered on all the BAT alerts. 
The non-detections in the radio indicate that the magnetar outburst has 
not seen any giant flare similar to SGR 1806-20 in Dec 2004.

Date             S
(UT)            (uJy)
2016 May 16.98  <282
2016 May 18.21  <144
2016 May 20.22  <108
2016 May 21.27  <147
2016 May 22.07  <129
2016 May 23.12  <204
2016 May 27.17  <111
2016 Jun 25.05  <132
2016 Jun 26.97  <360

We thank the AMI staff for scheduling these observations.
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