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GCN Circular 19610

GRB 160625B: 15 GHz detection from AMI
2016-06-28T13:15:59Z (8 years ago)
Kunal Mooley at Oxford U <>
K. P. Mooley, T. D. Staley, R. P. Fender (Oxford), G. E. Anderson 
(Curtin), T. Cantwell (Manchester), C. Rumsey, D. Titterington, S. H. 
Carey, J. Hickish, Y. C. Perrott, N. Razavi-Ghods, P. Scott (Cambridge), 
K. Grainge, A. Scaife (Manchester)

We observed the Fermi/LAT GRB 160625B (Dirirsa et al., GCN 19580) with 
the AMI Large Array at 15 GHz on 2016 Jun 28.06 (UT), 2.1 days 
post-burst, as part of the 4pisky program. We detect a radio source 
consistent with the VLA location (Alexander et al., GCN 19606) at 
640+/-40 uJy.

Monitoring of this source is underway. We thank the AMI staff for 
scheduling these observations. The AMI-GRB database is a log of all GRB 
follow up observations with the AMI, and is available at
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