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GCN Circular 19642

GRB 160625B: SAO RAS monitoring
2016-07-02T13:55:29Z (8 years ago)
Vladimir Sokolov at SAO RAS <>
A. F. Valeev, A. S. Moskvitin, G. M. Beskin, V. V. Vlasyuk, V. V. Sokolov
(SAO RAS, Russia) report on behalf of the larger GRB follow-up team.

We observed the GRB160625B field (Dirirsa et al. GCNC #19580) with
two optical telescopes of SAO RAS: the 6-m BTA + Scorpio (B, V, Rc, Ic
and the 1-meter telescope Zeiss-1000 + CCD photometer (Rc band)
at the June 29/30 night.
We clearly detected an OT (Troja et al. ,GCNC #19588; Karpov et al GCNC
Alexander et al. GCNC #19606) in our stacked frames.
Preliminary Rc band  results are shown in the following table.
These estimations are based on the R2 magnitudes of the same nearby
USNO-B1 stars as in our previous GCNC #19611.
Mid_date, UT   T-T0,d   exp,s    R_mag    err    Telescope
June, 29.827   3.880    3 x 200  20.53 +/- 0.07  BTA
June, 29.983   4.036    8 x 300  20.56 +/- 0.20  Zeiss-1000
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