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GCN Circular 19738

GRB 160705B: 15 GHz upper limits from AMI
2016-07-28T17:40:39Z (8 years ago)
Kunal Mooley at Oxford U <>
K. P. Mooley, T. D. Staley, R. P. Fender (Oxford), G. E. Anderson 
(Curtin), T. Cantwell (Manchester), C. Rumsey, D. Titterington, S. H. 
Carey, J. Hickish, Y. C. Perrott, N. Razavi-Ghods, P. Scott (Cambridge), 
K. Grainge, A. Scaife (Manchester)

The AMI Large Array robotically triggered on the Swift alert for GRB 
160705B (Cannizzo et al., GCN 19657) as part of the 4pisky program, and 
subsequent follow up observations were obtained up to 10 days 
post-burst. Our observations at 15 GHz on 2016 Jul 05.89, Jul 06.73, Jul 
08.74, and Jul 12.72 (UT) do not reveal any radio source at the XRT 
location (Osborne et al., GCN 19659), with 3sigma upper limits of 177 
uJy, 102 uJy, 132 uJy, and 213 uJy respectively.

We thank the AMI staff for scheduling these observations. The AMI-GRB 
database is a log of all GRB follow up observations with the AMI, and is 
available at
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