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GCN Circular 2

GRB 971024: USNO Observations
1970-01-01T00:00:00Z (54 years ago)
Edited On
2024-04-29T13:59:39Z (2 months ago)
Edited By
Dakota Dutko at NASA GSFC <> on behalf of Vidushi Sharma at NASA GSFC/UMBC <>
We observed the entire 90% confidence RXTE_ASM localization  
of GRB971024 (Trigger No. 6448, GCN notice of 24 Oct 97 22:41:47 UT) 
with the USNO, Flagstaff Station 1.0-m telescope in the R band between 
14-14.5 hours after the GRB event. The frames were approximately as 
deep as the DSS in this region. Our frames were blinked against the
DSS and no objects substantially brighter on our frames than on the 
DSS were found.

This message is citable in publications.

F.J. Vrba, J.A. Munn, U.S. Naval Observatory, Flagstaff Station

GCN Administrative PS:
This notice is being distributed with a significate time delay (~20 hrs)
because of a network problem here at GSFC which prevented me from receiving
this notice earlier.  This is a very rare occurance.
Also, work is progressing on the automated form of these follow-up notices.
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