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GCN Circular 20036

GRB 161014A: MITSuME-Akeno optical observation
2016-10-14T13:14:41Z (8 years ago)
Yoichi Yatsu at Tokyo Tech. <>
K.Morita,  Y. Saito, Y. Ono, T. Yoshii, H. Ohuchi, Y.Tachibana, Y. Yano,
T.Fujiwara, S. Harita, Y.Muraki,  K.Saisho, T.Ozawa, Y. Yatsu, and N. Kawai
(Tokyo Tech)
report on behalf of the MITSuME collaboration:

We searched for the optical counterpart of GRB 161014A (J. L. Racusin et
al., GCN Circular #20035) with the
optical three color (g', Rc, and Ic) CCD cameras attached to the MITSuME 50
telescope of Akeno Observatory, Yamanashi, Japan.

The observation started on 2016-10-14 12:32:08 UT (46 sec after the burst).
We found a candidate afterglow in the BAT error circle (J. L. Racusin,
#20035), at
RA(J2000) = 22:10:35.47
Dec(J2000) = +07:28:07.6
with an uncertainty of ~0.4 arcsec.

 We obtained the following magnitude in Rc band.

T0+[sec]    MID-UT    T-EXP[sec]    Rc    Rc_err
     46       12:32:23         30       ~14.52   0.06
T0+ : Elapsed time after the burst
T-EXP: Total Exposure time
We used GSC2.3 catalog for flux calibration.
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