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GCN Circular 20262

GRB 161214B: Chante-perdrix observatory optical observations
2016-12-14T23:41:41Z (8 years ago)
Alain Klotz at IRAP-CNRS-OMP <>
Kugel F. (Chante-perdrix observatory) report:

We imaged the field of GRB 161214B detected by SWIFT
(trigger 726885) with a 400 mm telescope (F/D=3)
located at the Chante-perdrix observatory, France (IAU A77).
The CCD camera is an Atik 460EX unfiltered.

We detect the same star as Malesani et al. (GCNC 20260).
A first series images show the star 0.7 magnitude
brighter than measured in later images:

t0 +   8.1 min to t0 +  20.1 min : R = 17.2 +/- 0.3
t0 + 106.6 min to t0 + 128.6 min : R = 17.9 +/- 0.3
t0 + 131.1 min to t0 + 153.1 min : R = 17.9 +/- 0.3

Magnitudes were estimated with the nearby USNO-SA stars
and are not corrected for galactic dust extinction.
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