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GCN Circular 20517

LIGO/Virgo G268556: ANTARES upper limits
2017-01-24T18:01:13Z (7 years ago)
Damien Dornic at CPPM/CNRS <>
M. Ageron (CPPM/CNRS), B. Baret (APC/CNRS), A. Coleiro (APC/Universite Paris Diderot), D. Dornic (CPPM/CNRS), A. Kouchner (APC/Universite Paris Diderot), T. Pradier (IPHC/Universite de Strasbourg) report on behalf of the ANTARES Collaboration:

The ANTARES Collaboration has reported in GCN 20370, no up-going muon neutrino candidate event within the 90% contour during a +/- 500s time-window centered on the G268556 event time.

We use this non-detection to derive a neutrino (nu_mu+antinu_mu) spectral fluence instantaneous upper limit at 90% C.L. (phi_0 in GeV/cm^2), defined as dN/dE = phi_0* E^{-2} assuming a E^{-2} neutrino spectrum. The result is reported in <> (gwantares/ANT@GW) as a function of the source direction. These neutrino fluence limits range between 1 and 3 GeV/cm^{2} depending on the source direction. For a E^{-2} neutrino spectrum, 90% of ANTARES signal neutrinos are in the energy range from 2.8 TeV to 3.2 PeV (mean value over the sky).

From the 3D GW localization and the neutrino spectral fluence upper-limits, the preliminary upper limits on the total energy radiated in high-energy neutrinos over the GW skymap are computed for the progenitor of G268556 as a function of the source direction assuming a a E^{-2} neutrino spectrum integrating in the range [100 GeV-100 PeV]: <> (gwantares/ANT@GW). The total neutrino emission limits range between 10^{54} and 10^{55} ergs.

ANTARES, being installed in the Mediterranean Deep Sea, is the largest neutrino detector in the Northern Hemisphere. It is primarily sensitive to astrophysical neutrinos in the TeV-PeV energy range. At 10 TeV, the median angular resolution for muon neutrinos is below 0.5 degrees. In the range 1-100 TeV, ANTARES has the best sensitivity to a large fraction of the Southern sky.
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