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GCN Circular 21124

GRB 170519A: MITSuME Akeno Optical Observation
2017-05-22T06:07:27Z (7 years ago)
Taketoshi Yoshii at Tokyo Tech <>
K. Morita, Y. Saito, R. Itoh, T. Yoshii, Y. Tachibana, S. Harita, Y. Muraki, 
T. Ozawa, K. Shiraishi, H. Mamiya, Y. Yatsu, and N. Kawai
(Tokyo Tech)

report on behalf of the MITSuME collaboration:

We searched for the optical counterpart of GRB 170519A (T. N. Ukwatta et al., GCN Circular #21106) 
with the optical three color (g', Rc, and Ic)
CCD cameras attached to the MITSuME 50 cm telescope of Akeno
Observatory, Yamanashi, Japan.

The observation started on 2017-05-19 11:03:14 UT (21192 sec after the burst).
We detected the optical counterpart (T. N. Ukwatta et al., GCN Circular #21106) in g', Rc and Ic band.
The measured magnitudes were listed as follows.

T0+[hour]  MID-UT    T-EXP[sec]     g'         Rc              Ic   
~5.9       11:34:54  4278  $B!!!!(B19.14+/-0.15     18.48+/-0.11    18.13+/-0.13

T0+ : Elapsed time after the burst
T-EXP: Total Exposure time
We used GSC2.3 catalog for flux calibration.
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