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GCN Circular 2121

If the SN/GRB connection confirmed
2003-04-09T05:33:01Z (21 years ago)
Vladimir Sokolov at SAO RAS <>
V. Sokolov (SAO RAS) reports:

Congratulations to all "GRB-fans"! At last!
I will permit myself to make a short comment to GCN#2120 (T. Matheson et al.).
If all "...classical GRBs originate from core-collapse supernovae",
as was mentioned in the GCN #2120, it would inevitably have consequences
for both a collimation angle, and the GRBs energy (see details in astro-ph/
0102492 or astro-ph/0107399), and all the GRB scenarios.
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