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GCN Circular 21268

GRB 170626A: SAO RAS possible OT detection
2017-06-26T21:46:26Z (7 years ago)
Moskvitin Alexander at SAO RAS <>
A. S. Moskvitin report on behalf of larger GRB follow-up team:

We observed the field of the GRB 170626A (Marshall et al., GCNC 21264)
with the 1-m telescope of SAO RAS, Zeiss-1000 on June, 26.
The observations started at 19:57:42 UT.
We obtained several images in Rc band and detected possible OT within
the refined XRT error box (Cholden-Brown et al., GCNC 21267).

The coordinates of object are:
R. A. (2000) =  11:01:34.0
Decl. (2000) = +56:28:35.3
the error is about 0.5".

Preliminary photometry of the object: R = 19.7 +/- 0.2,
T - T0 = 10.575 hours (calibration was done by the nearby SDSS stars,
and Lupton 2005 transformation equations).
Due to absence of the observed object at SDSS we can suggest
that it can be GRB OT.
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