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GCN Circular 21317

GRB 170710B: Swift ToO observations
2017-07-11T07:01:17Z (7 years ago)
Phil Evans at U of Leicester <>
P. A. Evans (U. Leicester) reports on behalf of the Swift team:

Swift has initiated a ToO observation of the Fermi/GBM GRB 170710B. 
Automated analysis of the XRT data will be presented online at

Any uncatalogued X-ray sources detected in this analysis will be
reported on this website and via GCN COUNTERPART notices. These are
not necessarily related to the Fermi/GBM event. Any X-ray source
considered to be a probable afterglow candidate will be reported via a 
GCN Circular after manual consideration.

Details of the XRT automated analysis methods are detailed in Evans et
al. (2007, A&A, 469, 379; 2009, MNRAS, 397, 1177 and 2014, ApJS, 210, 8).

This circular is an official product of the Swift-XRT team.
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