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GCN Circular 21548

LIGO/Virgo G298048: VLA Refined Analysis
2017-08-18T06:56:44Z (7 years ago)
Kate Alexander at Harvard U <>
K.D. Alexander (Harvard), W. Fong (Northwestern), and E. Berger (Harvard)
report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We have completed a more thorough analysis of the VLA observations
previously reported by Alexander et al. (LVC GCN 21529), in which we
detected radio emission near the position of the candidate optical
counterpart to LIGO/Virgo G298048. We now believe that the previously
reported position underestimated the coordinate uncertainties created by
the highly elongated beam shape (~9" by 1.5") due to the low elevation of
the target. We note that the center of the observed VLA position is
actually closer to the position of the candidate host galaxy, NGC 4993,
than to the position of the optical transient reported by Coulter et al.
(LVC GCN 21529), and may contain an unknown amount of host contribution.

At this time we cannot state with confidence whether this radio emission
originates from the galaxy or the optical transient. Analysis is ongoing
and further observations are planned.
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