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GCN Circular 21698

LIGO/Virgo G299232: COINCIDENT IceCube neutrino observation UPDATE
2017-08-25T15:52:28Z (7 years ago)
Stefan Countryman at LIGO Scientific Collaboration <>
I. Bartos, S. Countryman (Columbia), C. Finley (U Stockholm), E. Blaufuss (U Maryland), R. Corley, Z. Marka, S. Marka (Columbia) on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration

In GCN 21694 we reported the identification of an IceCube neutrino candidate that is temporally (within [-500s,500s]) and directionally (within 90% CL) coincident with LIGO/Virgo G298048.

We reran our analysis using the updated three-detector skymap, bayestar-HLV.fits.gz. The same neutrino candidate is still COINCIDENT with the updated map. The properties of the neutrino candidate are below:

#            dt[s]     RA[deg]    Dec[deg]      E[TeV]  Sigma[deg]
1.         -233.82        28.2        44.8        0.39         3.8

(dt--time from GW in [seconds]; RA/Dec--sky location in [degrees]; E--reconstructed secondary muon energy in [TeV]; Sigma--uncertainty of direction reconstruction in [degrees])

A coincident neutrino-GW skymap has been posted to GraceDB (<,1>). A JSON-formatted list of the neutrinos used can be downloaded from GraceDB at: <,1>
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