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GCN Circular 21780

LIGO/Virgo G299232: XSNAOC spectral observation of MASTER OTJ033744.97+723159.0
2017-08-31T20:24:41Z (7 years ago)
Vladimir Lipunov at Moscow State U/Krylov Obs <>
Liming Rui (Tsinghua University),  Xiaofeng Wang (Tsinghua university), 
Danfeng Xiang (Tsinghua Univeristy), Han Lin (Tsinghua Unviersity), and 
Huijuan Wang (NAOC)

We obtained an optical spectrum (range 380-870 nm) of MASTER 
OTJ033744.97+723159.0 (Lipunov et al. GCN 21720, GCN2136), on 
2017-08-29.54UT  with the 2.16-m telescope at Xinglong Station of National 
Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC) on BFOSC (Beijing Faint Object 
Spectrograph and Camera).

The spectrum is consistent with a type IIb supernova a few days before the 
maximum light, using SN96cb data as the spectral templates.
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