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GCN Circular 21783

LIGO/Virgo G298048
2017-09-01T21:54:25Z (7 years ago)
Adam Zadrozny at Pi of the Sky <>
A. Cwiek (NCBJ), A. F. Zarnecki (UW), A. Mankiewicz (CFT PAS), A. Zadrozny (UTRGV, NCBJ) on behalf of the Pi of the Sky

Pi of the Sky telescope surveyed area (RA: 220 - 22 deg, DEC: -10 - 70) that overlap, in parts, with initial bayesstar skymap for G298048. Observations were conducted from INTA, Huelva Spain during nights 17th up to 21th of August. Is it worth noting that this area was well observed from 10th up 16th August giving a strong reference background.

Data was searched for any type of transients connected with objects from GLADE catalogue. Data analysis showed that it is unlikely to have an slowly fading optical transient. However two possible fast fading optical transients are still under investigations along with several other subprimes.

Investigated possible optical transients with positions:

RA                  DEC

20.876109    33.322977
354.050166  14.997596

We have performed our observations using two cameras using only IR-cut filter. Each camera have 20 by 20 degree field of view. For each observed field (20 by 20 degrees), the telescope has made five 10 s exposures twice a night. Observations have limiting brightness between 11.5 - 12 mag.
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