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GCN Circular 2190

GRB030429: Optical Observations
2003-05-01T23:45:41Z (21 years ago)
Vasilij Rumjantsev at CrAO <>
V.Rumyantsev (CrAO), A.Pozanenko (IKI) report:

We have imaged the error box of the HETE GRB030429 (HETE trigger 2695) with
AT-64 telescope of CrAO. Several unfiltered images with exposures of 120 s
were obtained in Apr. 29 between (UT) 18:19 and 20:57.  The OT found by
A.Gilmore at al. (GCN 2184) is marginally visible in co-added image. The
midtime of the co-added image (39x120 s) is Apr. 29.820. Due to short focal length 
of AT-64 (F=900mm, F/1.4)  the OT appears to be in the wing of the star

USNO A2.0  675-11945727
RA =12 13 07.92
DEC=-20 54 45.3
R=17.90  B=20.50

Star 1 in the image at

The limiting magnitude of the  image calibrated with USNO A2.0 catalog
R-band is 20.7, so we can estimate the OT magnitude as brighter as R=20.7m.
Our estimation is consistent with OT decay slope 2 which implies the
observation by  A.Gilmore at al. (GCN 2184).

Detailed calibration and PSF analysis is in a progress.
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