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GCN Circular 223

GRB 990123 Keck Spectrum update
1999-01-25T21:58:44Z (25 years ago)
Andrew S. Fruchter at STScI <>
Andy Fruchter reports for Dan Kelson who is in transit:

In addition to the z=1.6 metal absorption lines detected in the Keck spectrum
of the OT associated with GRB 990123 and reported by Kelson et al. in 
IAUC 7096, H and K absorption corresponding to a redshift of z~0.2
were found in a nearby galaxy, thus confirming the redshift reported
by Hjorth et al. in GCN 219.  However, this galaxy is the
one visible in the finding chart of Odewahn et al., GCN 201, which 
lies approximately 10" to the west of the OT.  No evidence of lines
corresponding to a z~0.2 were found in the Keck spectrum any closer on
the sky. 

[GCN OP NOTE (99/01/26 00:07:21 UT):  Please see Addendum revision in GCN 225.]
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