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GCN Circular 2241

GRB030329: XMM-Newton observation
2003-05-22T14:29:47Z (21 years ago)
Sandro Mereghetti at IASF/CNR <>
A.Tiengo (IASF-Milano),  S.Mereghetti (IASF-Milano), and N.Schartel
(XMM-Newton SOC, Villafranca) report:

An XMM-Newton TOO observation of GRB030329 (Ricker et al. IAU Circ. 8101)
has been performed on May 5, 2003 from 12:30 to 24 UT.

A source positionally consistent with the optical transient of GRB030329
(Price and Peterson, GCN 1987) has been detected with the EPIC MOS and PN
cameras.  Its spectrum can be fit by a power law with photon index
2.0+/-0.25 and absorption smaller than 6x10^20 cm^-2.

The 2-10 keV observed flux is (2.1+/-0.6)x10^-14 erg cm^-2 s^-1.

Comparison with previous X-ray observations obtained with RXTE (Marshall
and Swank, GCN 1996; Marshall et al., GCN 2052) indicates that the X-ray
flux decay is consistent with a power law F ~ t^(-1.7).
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