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GCN Circular 22772

GRB 180613A: Possible host galaxy at XRT position, or star
2018-06-13T16:20:33Z (6 years ago)
Alexander Kann at IAA-CSIC <>
D. A. Kann and L. Izzo (HETH/IAA-CSIC) report:

Inspection of archival DSS images of the enhanced XRT position (error 
radius 2.0", Evans, GCN #22771) of GRB 180613A (Tohuvavohu et al., GCN 
#22769) reveals a known source within the XRT error circle. This source 
is known in the USNO B1.0 catalog, and is also part of Gaia DR1/2 
(source ID 6109389046377848320, with possible parallax of 0.98 +/- 0.62 
mas, Gmag = 19.748). PS1 and SDSS do not cover this location.

It is not possible to determine from the DSS2 image if this source is 
stellar or slightly extended. We suggest this source may be the host 
galaxy of this GRB, but it could also be a foreground star, as the 
stellar density of this field is quite high.

[GCN OPS NOTE(13jun18): Per author's request, "Ecans" was changed to "Evans"
in the second line.]
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